Zhang Hui Li
Zhang Hui Li
Portrayed By: Steph Song
Status: Alive
Age: 35
Occupation: Reporter
Theme Song: Electric Feel by MGMT
Alias: The Lamp Post, formerly Eternal Beautiful Moon and Sun Entwined Spirits of a Thousand Splendid Light Streams, Living Life as One (from the Original Mandarin)
Powers: Photon Manipulation, White Noise

Zhang Hui Li is better known as The Lamp Post, and not even the creators of LOST know why. She is the Government Liaison on the squad.


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Masked Persona

An athletic red, 100% polyester mesh dress with The Lamp Post logo on her chest and back. In addition, she wears a stark white wig. She may be the only super-hero in the world to use high-heeled boots without falling once. With the exception of Argentina's best-known transgender hero, La Mujer Increíble. She has no corporate sponsor as she wishes to bring honor to her nation, not the capitalist dogs of the western world.


  • Contacts: Government (4)
  • Fast Reaction Time (2)
  • Nosy Reporter (5)
  • Resources (2)


Your peeps. Folks, friends, whatever.

Recent Events

Shit that happened.

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